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EpinewS   Archive




PR Newswire  29 Mar 2001

Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS™) Maybe a Good Treatment Option for Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome 

While antiepileptic drugs, the ketogenic diet and brain surgery have been the traditional treatment methods, no single therapy is completely safe and effective. VNS, on the other hand, presents no serious, harmful side effects. The study's results were published in the Journal of Child Neurology.


New York (BridgeNews)  27 Mar 2001

Vagus Nerve Stimulation may positively impact Epilepsy patients

 This study, performed by researchers from the University of Washington School of Medicine and the Medical College of Wisconsin, showed improvements in concentration, emotional adjustment and physical problems, among other areas which were not necessarily tied to relief from seizures.[ THIS STUDY IS PUBLISHED IN THE FEBRUARY 2001 ISSUE OF EPILEPSY & BEHAVIOR]


BEA  26 Mar 2001

 European White Paper on Epilepsy launched         

"The stigma associated with epilepsy is often harder to live with than the condition itself, impacting on many aspects of life, for example, employment.


NSE   20 Mar 2001



   Rare Epilepsy Triggers Highlighted  BEA 19 Mar 2001

A seizure can be triggered by repeatedly rubbing a small, well defined area of skin, reports research in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. Other examples of rare stimuli include reading, eating, listening to music and decision making.


NSE   21 Feb 2001

New advance in brain scanning known as the diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) helps pinpoint undetected causes of epilepsy which can lead to successful surgical treatment. 


Epileptic fit 'can be predicted'  21 Jan 2001

The researchers have now designed a mobile detector about the size of a Walkman, which would be worn on a belt and sound a warning before a seizure. The first model will be commercially available two years from now.


             Study links Children's behavior, Future Seizures  Jan 2001

Researchers find that behaviors changes occur in children much earlier and challenges the view that changes only occurred after seizure disorders and or treatment.


A seizure OR a syncope July 2000    

Syncope (sing'-koh'pee), a medical term for fainting, is found in people with seizure-like episodes but without having seizures. Related article



Possibility of Using traditional Chinese medicines in epilepsy