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Some facts about Epilepsy  






Some myths on Epilepsy  



Epilepsy is contagious; you can catch it.

( Epilepsy is not  disease or illness. It is a condition in which there is recurrent seizures ( or fits or convulsion- they means the same thing). Seizure is a  temporary state of abnormal electrical activity within the brain that occur only occasionally.)



 People with epilepsy are insane and lack of intelligence.

( Absolutely false. In epilepsy, there is no loss of intelligence, or any impairment of judgment. If not, there won't be a long list of famous people with epilepsy who have made great contributions to human culture!! )



People with epilepsy are more prone to crimes.

[ This is never true. A person with epilepsy may commit crimes but not because they have epilepsy. Criminal intent does not arise from epilepsy. Read  what experts have to say ].



All people with epilepsy has convulsion. 

( Some do but others don’t. There are many different types of epilepsy. Different people would experience different symptoms even with the same type of epilepsy.)


People with epilepsy cannot participate in sport.

( For people with well-controlled epilepsy, they can do any sports just like the normal people. Unless your epilepsy is not well controlled, you might not want do strenuous exercises like swimming or similar but you can still play with other sports. However doing any sports alone should be avoided.)


Epilepsy is rarely treated successfully.

( Although there is currently no known cure, most cases are well-controlled with long term drug treatment. Surgery is a possible choice but seizure free outcomes (ranging from 25% to 70% depending on the types of epilepsy. )



Heredity plays a major role in deciding if you’d have epilepsy or not.

( Heredity is not a common causative factor. Almost 9 percent of children whose mothers have epilepsy and 2.4 percent whose fathers have epilepsy will develop the condition. In most cases, the cause is not known. )  



Video games can cause epilepsy. Pika! Click on ME!!

( This is inaccurate. Video games may trigger seizures in people who tend to get seizures when they see flashing lights or colors, but they cannot cause epilepsy itself. READ IT HERE. )  





Last updated on 5th May 2001