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Though some may seem not directly related to Epilepsy, but hope they may be useful at times...........

Brain Injury Lawyers

International Bureau for Epilepsy - Employment Commission

Your Rights on the Job -- this is a great place to turn. The site is full
of downloadable laws ... Program To Help Epileptics Find, Keep Jobs

The Medic Alert -- Health care providers agree that if you have a chronic health condition, it is wise to wear some kind of identification. This site provides bracelets and necklaces that can help emergency personnel identify your medical condition, your current physicians, and treatment. 

Frequent online shopper take note! Did you know you can benefit those with epilepsy every time you shop at such sites as Amazon.comŽ and eToys.comŽ? Over 100 leading online retailers will donate a portion of your purchase price, if you link to them through

Estimating Monitor Refresh Rates -- refresh rates below 60Hz caused unacceptable levels of flicker, and would eventually lead to eye-strain and headaches. Epileptics were most at risk since the flicker could actually induce a fit.

Epilepsy seizure alarms from EasyLink Electronic

Online Medical Dictionary


Singapore Medical Web - product& & info for more brain power