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Welcome to my site on epilepsy!   

Epilepsy, which we all are concerned, is one of the most common and serious conditions involving the nervous system. Unfortunately, young people in the most productive years of their lives are most commonly diagnosed with epilepsy. In Singapore, the cumulative incidence of epilepsy in children by age of 9 is 3.5 per 1000 population.

As a pharmacy graduate from the National University of Singapore, this site was first started as a school assignment which was to provide an easy reference for the people with epilepsy or anyone with interest in it.  Epilepsy is a long term condition so understanding for good management is necessary. I hope the information and links found here can answer any of your doubts on this condition. Otherwise, do feel free to write in and I'll surely try my best to have them answered.  

Materials in this site are either condensed from textbooks, journals or consolidated from many other related-websites found in the Internet. The information found here will be reviewed regularly and more will be added in times to come. Although it is no longer a school homework (which I never even reckoned it to be so in the first place), I believe I want to do more for people affected with epilepsy especially after reading so many stories about it. I shall say it has became part of my life even when I am without this condition myself. It's my promise to constantly upgrade this site so do check back often for newer updates. Over here, the door is always open for you no matter who you are!!

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Sow Cheng

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Disclaimer : This website is intended to provide basic information about epilepsy to interested readers. It is not intended to, or does it, constitute medical advice and readers are warned against changing medical schedules or life activities based on the information it contains without first consulting a physician. Your pharmacist is a good source of information about the medicine that you are taking, including over-the counter medicines (OTC). Some OTC medicines can interfere with epilepsy medicine. So it is important to check with your pharmacist & doctor before taking any OTC medicine.



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