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Living With Epilepsy

When first diagnosed with epilepsy, people often feel shock and has a tendency to deny. Anger, fear and depression inevitably become part of life. To dwell in depression, or escaping from reality is throwing oneself into perpetual agony. Being brave and learning to accept the diagnosis is therefore a challenge. With the information and support found in this site, I hope people with epilepsy, their caregivers as well as our society would gain a better understanding of this conditions and develop a positive attitude toward it. Having epilepsy is neither a form of disability nor are people with epilepsy "a second class citizen". In fact, when they believe and accept the truth, they can be much stronger spiritually than many of us healthy and well; they are capable of not only leading the same normal active lives as we do but even excel to greater heights with a stronger faith.

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Each day is a promise of new joys to gain,
if we look for the rainbow
instead of the rain.


Treatments of Epilepsy

First Aids Epilepsy for All

What is Epilepsy?

Precautions to take During Convulsive/ Non-convulsive Seizures Facts & Myths on Epilepsy
Causes of Epilepsy including possible triggers Principles of Drug therapy

Epilepsy in Different Gropus-of-concern

How Epilepsy Affects One's Life
Types of Epilepsy Drug Interactions in Combination Therapy

Epilepsy In Elderly

Good Epilepsy Management
Diagnosis of Epilepsy including differential diagnosis Table of Drugs-of-choice for specific seizure type Epilepsy In Women Keeping a Seizure Record
Types of Adverse Drug Reactions

Epilepsy In Pregnancy

Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy
Special Concerns while taking Anti-epileptic drugs including risk classification in pregnancy. Epilepsy In Children includes good management and treatment in details Case Studies from Physicians

Supplements Used in Epilepsy

Drug Withdrawal Epilepsy In Student Famous People with Epilepsy
Surgery Epilepsy for KiDs includes fun & chat corner.

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