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This is the fun place for Jolly. Whenever Jolly feels sad or bore, she would come here to relax & play and all unhappiness would be forgotten before she knew it....of course, she hopes the games here could cheer you up as well. She really loves these games SO she hopes you would like them too

 "Come, come join in the fun with Me!!"

Oh yes! Like many of you, Jolly loves comics as well so she wanna share with you one of her favorites....What's more, she promise to post up a NEW one each week just for you!  


Comic of  the Week......

" Warm hearts "
Tabo : Mom says we should try to be warm-hearted people.
Tabo : Check me out!
Tabo : Wow! You're sure warm!
Tabo : It's easy! All you need is this hand warmer...
Ma-kun : All right!



Wanna know more about yourself

Come on in to the Tabo's Psychology Fun Corner

How about puTTing on your thinking cap @ the BRaiN BOOSTer?

If you're always thinking of playing the Snake game on your mum or dad's Nokia's hand phone and are not allowed, now you can! If not familiar with that, how about one of the most popular game of the last century? The UNO card game!!

Here are some Online games including Wacko, simple jigsaws and matching the right objects. All cute & fun! Try them!!

Want more challenging jigsaws? How about these --> Unicorns, Rainbow, Sea Party

More creative & fun stuffs? Try the doll houses instead!



Other fun sites that Jolly visits:

The Little Poss Club




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