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Hi Kids, I am Jolly, the guardian angel for all kids with ePiLeSy. 

I'm here to teach you more about EpiLeSY and to clear all mYtHs & faNtAsiEs which you may have in this condition. Hope I can help to lessen your fear or solve any puzzles which has been bothering you all along. 


Well, dear, you may think you're the only one with epilepsy but it's more common than you think!! It's believe 39 millions people worldwide have epiLEpsY as reported by WHO. Not only does it involves lots of people but many famous people who we know had epilepsy as well ! Heard of Joan of Arc, Julius Caesar, Alexandra the Great and Napoleon? Yea, all of them have ePiLeSy! Do you see? EPiLeSPy can't limit a person's ability at all! You can also perform as well and get your dream come true!! There are many more things that people with epilepsy can do than what they can't do. Most people with epilepsy lead normal and happy lives. They go to school and get jobs and they get married and have children like anyone does.


Even with ePiLeSY, kids should be treated like everyone else. If your schoolmates give them a hard time, it's because they don't understand the condition and maybe frightened when they saw a kid with epilepsy have a seizure. If one knows a lot about epilepsy, one won't be frightened. So if you can explain it to your friends, I am sure the they will become less frightened and they will see that kids with epilepsy are no at all different from themselves. 


Just want to let you know, LiFE iS bEAuTiFuL regardless of having or not having makes no difference if you see no different. seE tHinGs PoSitIveLy. tHe chOiCe to BE HAPPY is yours !!! 

And I'll give you my blessing forever!!!

Let's cover this topics!

What is Epilepsy?

What is a Seizure?

What cause a Seizure?

How to help a kid having a Seizure Attack?

How do one gets Epilepsy?

How do doctor tell if one has Epilepsy?

How is Epilepsy treated?

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So what is epiLeSy?

EpIleSy is a name of a condition which seizure occurs again and again. Seizures can happen many times a day or take place everyday but mostly it appear once in a while. So at most time, a child with epilepsy is no different to any other child without epilepsy.

Then what is a sEizURe?

Some people call it convulsion, fit or spell. 

When having seizure, a child can fall down, faint and not know what happen, wet himself/herself, has one part or whole of his/her body shaking away or even just daydreaming. Different kid may have different type of seizure and will or will not show these signs. 

Seizure can occur for a few seconds to a few minutes. After this, the kid often can't remember what happen to him/herself and may feel sleepy. Seizure can look scary but it is not painful.

What cause a SeIzURe?

It is due too many and extra messages in the brain with a mixed-up of signals send to other parts of the body causing odd behaviors. This happens suddenly and has no warning. But some kids have what is called "aura" before a seizure. Aura can be a funny smell, taste or feeling. Drinking too much coke, watching TV or playing video/computer games may bring seizure to some kids as well.

How to help a kid having a seizure attack?

How do one get ePiLepSy?

Argh, hard to explain. Even doctors cannot tell why in most kids with epilepsy. But they do know that you can't "catch it" from somebody who has got it. Some type of epilepsy can be passed down ( like having blue eyes ) in family but not all. If your dad, mum, brother or sis has epilepsy, then it's only a bit more likely that you will have epilepsy than someone who doesn't have any family members with this condition.



 How do doctors tell if a kid has epilepsy?

If parents suspect their child might have epilepsy, the child would be brought to a special doctor who would do a number of tests on the child. Tests to check the brain function with huge machines or with just some wires attached to the head can be done. Blood tests may also be needed in some cases.  

So how is EPileSy treated?

EpiLepSy may be difficult to be cured but it can be controlled in almost 80% who have it. You just need lots of patience and give time for the doctor to find the best way to do it. Sometimes, if medicines don't work, doctors may need to cut into the brain to work on the problem or use a special diet high in fats (called "ketogenic diet").

EpiLEsy usually gets better when one is older and many kids can stop taking their medicines totally!


So what is your idea of EpiLepSY now?

Do you see having EpILeSy means being different from others who are without?


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